Our Story

In 2020, Baylee took a summer class as she was pursuing a degree in Home Economics (Home Ec.). For the final project of this class, she had to create a program that utilized the Home Ec. curriculum. Her professor knew she wanted to go into ministry instead of public education after graduation, so she encouraged her to create a program that combined ministry and Home Ec. This is how Camp Mary & Martha was born. It felt like ideas for this project just flowed out of Baylee faster than she could almost keep up with. Looking back, it’s obvious how this was the Lord bringing this ministry together — even from the earliest stages. She got an A on the project and then put the idea in the back of her mind, thinking she would come back to it several years later — once she was “in her thirties, with more of life figured out!”

Flashing forward to the beginning of 2022, Baylee and Mallory started to get closer as friends and spend a lot of time together. We would often chat about our jobs and where the Lord was calling us. Baylee was pursuing college ministry, and Mallory was working in a public school. Neither of us felt 100% that we were truly living out the Lord’s promptings and callings on our lives. We couldn’t get Camp Mary & Martha out of our heads, and it felt like the Lord kept bringing it up over and over again. After lots of prayer, conversation, and one “Mal, you should just quit your job, support raise, and work with me to start Camp Mary & Martha,” that’s exactly what happened! The rest of 2022 was spent support raising, diligently working on creating the curriculum for camp, and making plans with the Lord to see this ministry come to fruition! 

As we are jumping into 2023, we are excited to see Camp Mary & Martha get started. We love to tell this story because it is just such a testimony to how the Lord moves and uses His children. It’s amazing that this all started because of a college assignment and that a professor (from a secular university) was the one who had the initial idea! We don’t need to wait to have “more of life figured out,” but we know that the Lord can use us as we are. There’s never a pinnacle we must reach before the Lord determines He can use us; all He needs is our simple obedience and He will do the rest. Praise God!